Live at Joy’s

Byron FryThe Jam Session“Jammin’ at Joy’s House” is not unheard of…In fact, Live Music is the absolute norm….that’s everywhere….all the time. But something truly Special happened on March 19, 2010. Super Guitarist Byron Fry came to LA for a gig at the Lighthouse and wanted to “play” on his free night, so…we put together an outstanding group of musicians…Larry Wilmon Williams on EWI; Paul Morin, String Bass and Remo Packer brought his gorgeous drums. Karen Elaine came later and added her magic on Viola!
Paul Morin I had a “feeling” that this might be worth recording….so I brought in Steve Pierson, recording engineer and Greg Dahl, to photograph it all. A little food, cookies and Newcastle turned it into a party!! Even the break was fun…cigars on my front porch (me too!). Anytime Byron and Larry can play off each other…oh well, what can I say?….sexy….exciting….funny….a challenge to the musical Ear! What a spectacular night of Jazz!!
We are planning to capture some new magic in July…when Byron comes down from Bishop, again.

We are now calling the band “Element”. Look for them around town soon….


One Response to “Live at Joy’s”

  1. Byron Fry Says:

    Aw, thanks for the flattery, Joy! Looking forward to next time!

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